Artificial Intelligence

The powerful search engine utilises AI to “read” and “tag” the content of emails, attachments, scanned documents, uploaded files, handwritten notes and even audio files to put information at your fingertips and alert you of any potential data risk before it leaves the building.

Access Control

Visualise, protect and command the data within your organisation. You decide who has access and what they can see. View everything within the business, your own emails and documents, a department, or a specific client or group. The choice is yours.

Office 365 Integration

Do you have Office 365? Then minimal setup is required. The system utilises Office 365 for single sign on and security and instantly finds the individuals registered within your domain. This seamless integration automatically captures every email, attachment, calendar invite and appointment as it happens.

Email Notifications

Set up your own policies or utilise those already set in your security and compliance centre. PaperShield can detect and alert you if a document containing personal data such as an NI number, credit card or bank details is about to leave the organisation, aiding compliance with GDPR and your data protection policy. Build your own.

Scan and Upload

Scan and upload any documents, handwritten notes, images or audio files, and attach to a client, group or project. Transpose the audio to text, OCR and tag the content using AI, and have it instantly available throughout your organisation.

Audit Trail

A full audit trail of every document is available, aiding transparency, communication and compliance.

Visualise your organisations digital landscape with your at-a-glance dashboard.

In today's fast-paced digital environment it can be dfificult to keep on top of your own emails without having to monitor multiple inboxes for your colleagues or teams.

PaperShield utilises the power of the cloud to provide a scalable, secure platform where you can take control of the digital documents within your organisation within a single pane of glass.

Increase transparency and communication within your departments and design a powerful safety net for compliance around data protection and GDPR.

No long term contracts - only pay for what you use.

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